Why We Are the Best Partner for You

Finding a part for your car or van is an extremely hassling and pricey process, which can end up being a nasty piece of work that you don't want to do especially when you are in any of the warmer governorates and its exhausting hot summer. We really understand that! That's the reason we're here as we know the game with our own 40 years' experience in the field of car spare parts. We know it's not always the case that you know about which part to buy and from where. That's the main reason for our presence in the New Zealand market and we'd be keen on introducing ourselves.

Who We Are

The job we do and how we operate everything is really simple. You need a part and you search it through our website. We, then carry your message to the sellers and tell them you need a part for your car. Then, the focus switches on to the sellers who'll get in touch with you quickly and let you know about the part in detail. You choose the part, select the seller to purchase the part from and hey-ho! The deal is sealed and you'll soon get your hands on the part you desire. But you need to keep one thing in mind. We're not just any other company who's just come into this parts business. We've been doing this for over 40 years. 40 years! Can you believe that? We have the experience and the knowledge required to find the ideal part for your car. The whole process is ultra-simple. All you need to do is:

  • Select your car.
  • Choose what kind of part you want.
  • Fill in the contact details to get quotes.
  • Get free quotes from the part suppliers.

And one more thing! We will never share your details with anyone. Never! If you find the price and still choose not to buy the part, it's OK, you won't be obliged to purchase it. You can back off anytime you want.

Our Origin Story

The reason we work in the automotive industry is that we've been in the same place as you have. We've got a hands-on experience of being instructed to pay a lot of money for simple parts that are not worth the fuss of paying so much, let's be clear about it. That's no good. And it's really unfortunate to visit so many different part sellers and still coming back home empty-handed. So, it was 40 years ago when we realized that the world, this world that we live in could be connected in a way so that part-seeking people would be connected with people who sell parts at a bargain price, to say the least. SupplynFix New Zealand is not something that's popped up from nowhere. We've been there, done that, that too for a long, long time.

Some Trust Dust

We know purchasing parts online is a very risky thing, trust us we do. But, here's the twist. All suppliers who sell parts are approved by SupplynFix New Zealand already. Yeah, you heard that right! No seller on our portal can sell any parts without our permission and approval. We're not just any other portal who connects suppliers with possible clients. We are an established business whose been doing this for a long time. It's very weird to see cars and vans in salvage yards considering only one or two parts of them don't work while the remaining parts are in outstanding shape, and ready to be recycled. The sellers we work with know what they're doing and they recycle parts with perfection to use them for sale.

The portal is designed to be very user-friendly. After all, it has been made for you so that you can find the best deal for yourself. Are you ready? FIND A PART