Terms & Conditions

The services which you use of this website are subject to certain conditions and terms to whom you have to agree to, which are given below.


According to the terms given below:

  • “We” means SupplynFix New Zealand.
  • “You” means someone who intends to use our facilitation.
  • “Supplier” stands for a person who provides used parts on our website.

Our Role/liabilities

  • We are not liable to provide any parts to you. We are just a portal which has been developed to help you find the right part for your vehicle from potential suppliers, whom we have grouped together at our platform.
  • We are not responsible for any liability or damage caused to the vehicle you own due to any part purchased from our website.
  • We are just a parts location amenity and not a parts supplier. We take no responsibility at all for the quality and safety of the parts provided by our suppliers.
  • Our only job is to enlighten you about the potential supplier options you have in case you need parts for your vehicle. We take no responsibility for the quotes of parts and have no control over the prices set by our suppliers.
  • It is not our responsibility to make a payment for a part on any of our visitor’s behalf to any supplier.
  • You are recommended to note down the supplier name and phone details whenever you get a price quote. We may not be aware of all suppliers, so noting down their details is something that we highly recommend.
  • If you end up deciding on a part from our website and choose to purchase it, the contract for the part will be between you and the supplier. We won’t both be an intermediary or part of any of the contracts, and take no responsibility for any wrongdoings. It is your duty to check, read and agree with the contract before signing it.
  • Nothing within this passage restricts any liability of the supplier to you for the worth of any parts or amenities that they source.
  • It is the duty and responsibility of the supplier to offer you a guarantee for the parts you purchase from them. It is very important; however, to make sure that you give a thorough read to the guidelines and guarantee terms to make sure that intentionally or unintentionally, you don’t violate any guarantee terms. For example, the parts you purchase should not be mishandled or damaged by any means without the consent of the parts provider or else your guarantee terms will be violated and the supplier will no longer take any responsibility for the part you purchased from them.
  • If you purchase a part from one of our suppliers and the part ends up being damaged or faulty when installed, you will have forty eight hours to notify the provider of this issue. If you do end up notifying the supplier within this deadline, the recovery and returning of the part will then be arranged, and in case a replacement is not available at that time at the supplier workshop, they will then try to offer you a refund.
  • In the case if the customer wanted to purchase a part from the website and went on to purchase a different part to what he wanted, then in that case, you must contact the supplier and let him know about the issue. You will be given 7 days to return the part at the supplier facility. The provider will be liable to pay you the refund but they may charge the packaging fee for the returning of the part. The amount will only be returned back after the purchased part has been returned back to the supplier.
  • Images uploading:
  1. You agree to our right of showing images on our website.
  2. That you are permitted to directly consent to us using the image.
  3. Images contain the parts and how they look, and they are shown due to their relation to a part request, which is not illegal or offensive by any means.


  • Email, online and quotes via telephone are exclusively sent to you free of cost. It has no charges at all.

Text Notifications

  • If you don’t receive a quote after a few minutes, we’ll send you a free text to let you know about the time when they will arrive, so that you don’t have to sit there and wait for the quote to arrive. We’ll text you the exact time when the quotes are expected to arrive.

The Suppliers

  • We absolutely give great value to the services that are provided on this site and make sure that we only provide what we can give to our customers. What we cannot guarantee is the integrity of our suppliers. Our suppliers do agree with our policies and how they should treat the customers they get from here.
  • We constantly monitor the performance and progress of our part providers, and do regular reviews of everything they are associated with. If there is something wrong about a supplier, we do not hesitate to remove them if we feel the need to do so. To help us more with the supplier review, if you are not content with the performance of a supplier, you can contact us and let us know about it. We’ll investigate the entire matter and do what is necessary.
  • It is strongly recommended that any supplier which contacts you, you should verify their association to our website and tell them to send you a quote via our portal. This should be enough to verify that they are connected to us.

Data Protection

When you use our services, you agree with our policies, and we ensure that your data will not be misused and be protected at all costs. It will be shared only with our suppliers to provide you with the best possible parts. We also ask our part providers to protect your data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 (“the Act”), but we are not directly responsible for any breach of the Act that they commit. We may also send you emails about other services of our website which you should use and which might be of interest to you.